The Denver Tech Center/ SETA Example

The following materials describe a 5 mile local loop model (in three phases) using the Denver Tech Center and Greenwood Village as a demographic background. The map below follows the route of buses  operated by the Southeast Transportation Authority (SETA).           

    The Routes
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The Denver Tech Center (DTC) is a modern example of the 20th century's growth in our cities. It was founded as an alternative to the traffic clogged downtown office space where visiting was difficult. Now itís success as a suburban office park, has grown a daytime population of 50,000 workers in ten million sq ft of office space and caused their own traffic congestion. The response has been to create local bus circulators that are currently carrying 700 people daily in the red route shown left. This route crosses several jurisdictional boundaries. Every major city in America has a suburban office park or two that is growing fast and needs a long-term solution to transportation and circulation than doesnít rely on the auto. The DTC and Greenwood Village community is an excellent demographic background to illustrate how our Automated Transport will work in a real life setting. The red dotted line is our 5 mile proposed demonstration route for one half of the existing bus route. It is expandable later to include the remainder of the SETA bus route.

RTD is planning two light rail stations on I-25 and Belleview and Orchard (See top left yellow dots marked RTD) that drop off 6,000 commuter per day looking for a way to their final destination. The projected ridership this project needs to justify building is 10,000 per day and to bring profitability to a private operating franchise the ridership needed is 15,000 per day.