Our project management is a group of  businessmen experienced in transit and project management in a 50/50 co-venture with five  transit design/engineering companies that make up the organization SmartSkyways, LLC. This team is responsible for collaboration, marketing and  the funding of the new transit technology described in this web site. This group will be responsible for project sections progressing and producing the consortium phase. This consortium phase includes building a $15 million sales model ( see www.airparkvillage.com/ss) and constructing a $80 million operating model.   



Design Team

The Design Team consists of Los Angeles based engineers that built Disney's existing transit technology. Today they operate world wide consultancy businesses for high tech rides in the most demanding configurations possible. Their common philosophy is that all components must be listed in trade catalogs and be available for competitive bidding. Their work has consistently resulted in the highest reliability and least down time of any transit technology anywhere.


Job Descriptions

Agreement Between Founders and Engineers

Company Bylaws



 Design Team Resumes

Kent Bingham of Entertainment Engineering, Inc.

Bob Gurr

George McGinnis

Don Sullivan

Bob Hamilton


Management Resumes

Lloyd Goff

Norm McIntosh

Bill Rourke

Mike Barrett



Consortia Joint Venture Milestones

Completed Build Team In Progress Joint Venture Capital
Business Plan Configure Engineer System
Community Support Public Approvals
    Sell Consortium Membership
Local Government Building Agreements




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