George McGinnis


Experienced, creative, Industrial Designer with over twenty years in concept development, designing show attractions and ride vehicles for theme parks. Skilled at creating conceptual plans and perspectives and study models, also 3D modeling using computers (SGI/Alias and Power PC/Alias Sketch!) Skilled in the execution of final concepts through production design. Strong experience managing design and redesign of projects to restore concept integrity and meet cost restrictions and delivery schedules.



Concept Designer 1989 – 1995

Developed aesthetic and practical concepts for the team. Presented work in plans, perspectives and renderings. Directed the design and building of maquettes. Utilized computer based three-dimensional modeling techniques for final presentation.

§ Corrected theming and ergonomics of Indiana Jones ride vehicle late in design phase, providing a variety of choices for "look" consistent with ride theme.

§ Designed a Jules Verne period ride vehicle for Space Mountain, Disneyland Paris, providing riveted iron plate projectile representation consistent with Civil War period technology.

§ Developed initial storyboard for Delta Dreamflight show at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, providing show concepts such as giant "pop-up book" ride finale, maximizing sponsor’s travel theme.

§ Designed eight safe, charming, producible concept vehicles for rides in yet-to-be announced park.

Project Designer 1981-1989

Manager responsible for design time estimates and design direction to project team from concept through production design. Worked with writers, project manager, engineering and vendors to achieve public pleasing design.

§ Challenged to reduce overall costs by $10 Million for Horizons Pavilion, EPCOT Center. Scaled back track and building size by 35%, achieving major cost reduction while maintaining scheduled opening date.

§ Developed magical special effects show around computer center at EPCOT Center Communicore – The Astuter Computer Review.

§ Designed new larger MK6 monorails for Walt Disney World working with Bombardier of Canada, giving luxurious look to interior by selecting colors, materials, and creating soft friendly forms.

§ Reestablished Disney design concept for German monorail manufacturer in Germany (MBB), redesigning entire train surface resulting in aesthetically pleasing replacement monorail for Disneyland.

Industrial Design Manager 1979-1984

Interview, hired and trained team of new designers to handle numerous design projects throughout EPCOT Center.

§ Developed earliest concepts for Horizons Pavilion including multiple screen Omnimax Theater layout and ride vehicle concept, providing multiple choice ending for show.

§ Directed concepts for show elements of Universe of Energy Pavilion, Spaceship Earth and World of Motion, all with the look of the future.

§ Provided a hands-on interactive experience in EPCOT Communicore using a voice-activated robot for Astuter Computer Review preshow.

Industrial Designer 1966-1978

Developed concept design for Space Mountain/Walt Disney World including show spaces, queue load/unload and show elements into 200 foot diameter building.

§ Prepared conceptual layout for Space Mountain/Walt Disney World including show spaces, queue and lifts, providing detailed show elements of House of the Future for RCA.

§ Adapted the film version of 20,000 leagues Under the Sea submarine to attraction at Walt Disney World, achieving authentic look in a scaled down version.

§ Developed new Peoplemover design for Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, providing greater safety on the load/unload moving platform.

§ Designed four robot characters for major science fiction film "The Black Hole", providing memorable figures for target audience. Received screen credit.


Art Center College of Design, Pasadena CaliforniaBachelor of Science in Industrial Design with Honors,Thiel College, Greenville, Pennsylvania Pre-Engineering










Indiana Jones Ride Vehicle Disneyland

Horizons Pavilion Concepts/EPCOT Center

Space Mountain/Disneyland Paris Ride Vehicle

Communicore Concepts/EPCOT Center

Delta Dreamflite Show Concept Storyboard/WDW

Universe of Energy Pavilion Concepts

8 Vehicles for yet-to-be announced parks

Spaceship Earth Concepts

"Honey I Shrunk the Kids" Play Area, Net Climbers/Disney MGM Studio Tour

World of Motion Pavilion Concepts


World Showcase Concepts



Project Designs 1981 – 1989

Industrial Design 1966 – 1978

Horizon’s Pavilion/EPCOT Center

Space Mountain/WDW

Astuter Computer Review/EPCOT Center

Space Mountain/Disneyland

MK6 Monorail/WDW Mfg: Bombardier, Canada

Big Thunder Mountain Locomotive and Cars

<L5 Monorail/Disneyland Mfg: MBB, Germany

Peoplemover Vehicle/WDW

Space Mountain Post Show/WDW

Snow White Ride Vehicle/Disneyland

Disney/MGM Studio Tour Tram/WDW

Rocket Jets/Disneyland


"The Black Hole" Science Fiction Film, Robots Design