Job Descriptions

he Managers and their Responsibilities: A team of Denver businessmen and rail design companies are collaborating in the organization, marketing and technology for the project. This group is responsible for getting the project into the Consortium Phase and will receive consulting fees and a profits interest share of the sales and royalties after the seed capital investors. Each participant will have a capital account and be paid for work performed as funds are available. (See the operating agreement EXPO2000 LLC) The administration partners are: described on the following page

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Resume Data Base (Soon)

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Job Descriptions (Soon)
  • Business Manager
  • Government Participation
  • Community Support
  • Design/Engineering
  • Public Spokesman
  • Construction Manager
  • Designers
  • Financial Architect
  • General Council
  • Accounting Advisor

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  • Membership Databases
  • Subscription Agreement

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Lloyd Goff (daily activity)
BUSINESS MANAGER - Goff is a packager of development projects for the past 30 years including two transit terminals and three transit systems. He currently makes his living handing the maze of paperwork necessary to transact estate deals for investors. Most recently he was the founder and Director of the Platte Valley Landowners Association for 15 years. Goff will receive 20% of the management units and monthly fees for his computer publishing services. He will be responsible for marketing and organizing business ventures between the project and the third parties.  This will include contracting with the technology vendors, legal and accounting firms, consultants marketing partners.

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Norm McIntosh (daily activity)
LOCAL COMMUNITY SUPPORT - Norm McIntosh currently Director of Festival of the West, businessman and former Investment Banker, will be responsible for generating local support in the towns along the I-70 Right-of Way and the Metro area. He will receive 15% of the management plus monthly fees for his services in publishing all the marketing documents to this group

  wpe1C.jpg (1815 bytes) Bill Rourke (weekly activity)
PUBLIC RELATIONS - Bill Rourke is a retired U S Marine, a former Chairman of RTD and currently a professor of aerospace at Metro State College. He will receive 7.5% of the management units and monthly fees for part time work. He will be a public spokesman to the media and to luncheons, and speaking to public forums.
  Mike Barrett (Daily Activity)
ENGINEERING - Mike Barrett is a principle at Martin and Martin engineers and has experience in the structural engineering for building railroads, highways, and high rise buildings. He will receive 15% of the management units and his regular hourly consulting rate for preliminary design/ & engineering work on the project. He will be responsible for coordination and administration of all professional services including planning, design and engineering.


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