Automation and electric power are the common denominators of these various products. The navigation system can be integrated so that all products work together


$15 million per mile
4 to 6 passengers

Urban Circulation
SmartSkyways, is an example of a "privatization concept" for the business community to build and own a profit making infrastructure that will only grow more valuable every year. This vehicle uses rubber tires to reduce noise and 100 hp electric motors  and runs from 40 mph in neighborhood loops to 80 mph in larger metro-area loops. It uses automated baggage handling in the rear.

$12.5 Million per mile
15 + passengers

Cross Country

This is a linehaul cruiser operating on elevated rail carrying 15 to 18 passengers at speeds of 125 mph and faster.  For maximum  capacity several cruisers can be linked together into a train.  To reach these high speeds,  Linear Induction Motors (LIM) are utilized. The vehicle does not use the rail for traction but for ice crushing and stability.  It can interface with light rail tracks.

$50 Million per mile

Cross Country
A single beam serving as a track for passenger or freight vehicles. In most cases rail is elevated, but monorails can also run at grade, below grade or in subway tunnels. Vehicles are either suspended from or straddle a guideway. Monorail carry 50 to 80 passengers up to 80 mph 

$5 Million per mile
4 passengers

Site Circulation
SkyHawk features very light weight elevated steel tracks similar to modern roller coasters that can collect and distribute people around station stops at 20-35 mph . The vehicles can be the size of golf carts, can be open air and the cars can interconnect with the Skyways vehicles.

Auto Park Tram
6 Passengers
$1 million per mile

Parking Circulation
This open air tram ( similar to a golf cart) uses global positioning system and buried cable navigation for guidance. At each end this system links passengers from stations to their destination at 10 mph

$4 Million per mile
60 passengers

  Retail Circulation
This new trolley  runs in The Grove, a new shopping and entertainment complex adjacent to the historic old Farmers Market Shopping Center in Los Angeles. It was designed, engineered and built by the
Kent Bingham of the Skyways team