One of the most important recent stories in transportation policy and finance has been largely hidden. That story is the unprecedented rise in the use of voter-approved ballot measures to generate local and state funding. Over the last six years a significant and ever increasing share of transportation financing has been generated through voter-approved ballot measures. Not only are more communities turning to the ballot box to fund transportation but also those ballot measures are succeeding at an astonishing rate. Since 2000, few issues have proved to be as consistent a winner at the ballot box as measures related to transportation. A look at these measures clearly demonstrates the willingness of voters across the nation to support expanded choice and investment with their tax dollars.

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Transportation Finance at the Ballot Box:
Voters Support Increased Investment & Choice




“The people of Colorado find that the provision of privately funded transportation alternatives through the development of Smart Skyways is a matter or activity of statewide interest that will serve a public use, decrease traffic congestion, decrease pollution, encourage beneficial real estate development, and improve the quality of life. This article permits and approves any transportation vendor to develop a privately financed demonstration route in the State of Colorado for public vote. No state funds shall be available for the implementation of this article. 




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Seattle, Florida, Transportation Research Board and Las Vegas 



Steps for an Initiative in Colorado
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