We are one of the most experienced engineering and development teams around. We have done many of America's monorails, trams, trollies, and rail systems nationwide.
The experience of our engineering team makes this a dream team of talent. This group is using SMART Skyways to leave behind their legacy of accumulated knowledge, experience and vision for tomorrow's transport.

George McGinnis
Vehicle Design

These four individuals originally concieved SMART Skyways back in 1993 when they were studying the feasability of a World's Fair for the Platte Valley called Expo2000. The engineering team was brought in as partners in 1996 when the transport project became the focus, and the World's Fair idea dropped out.
Our mission is to expose the concept of automating future transit world wide via our web site and to raise the funding necessary to build a 5 mile model for future sales. By building a proof of reliability model, this project seeks to develop new profit frontiers within the $100's of billions to be spent on the next century's transportation in and between cities. This project will be funded by a private sector development consortium instead of government. Consortium members will be from the aerospace, resort, airline, automotive, cargo, banking, telecom, lodging and travel industries. Members will be jointly exploring both new forms of transport and joint electronic reservations. We use Colorado as our computer development model but this technology is capable of being marketed world wide to hundreds of applications for local loops (see routes) airport connectors and very long line haul systems. As traffic congestion grows our project will be even more marketable.

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