The goal of this agreement will be to get all the key transportation players in a joint study of a privatization (franchise) by jointly participating in building a cyberspace model. Examples: (Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT),  City of Denver, RTD, CIFGA, DIA, and SMARTSkyways.com (EXPO). The purpose of this agreement will be to publish a Vision of future Transport that sets forth the respective responsibilities and expectations of the public and private parties for joint development. This should lead to debate and public polling capability  using our Telelibrary web site. 

1.SERVICES - SMART Skyways will organize  net meetings and conferences with government such as the City of Denver, RTD, Colorado Department of Transportation, DIA, CIFGA and other interested public sector participants to co-venture  Visions of the Future of Transport. This will be an interactive web site to debate  and  poll their constituents on what they want in the 21st Century in technology and funding. SMARTSkyways.com uses  that information in the proof of technology model.  Our privatization concept proposes a variety of different sized partnerships including local loops, metro airport connectors and Interstate Hwy systems built  by private investors. 

2. COSTS - Public partners will participate a cost of $10,000 per month in a one year publication of their transport  vision and capability for public polling on SmartSkyways transit technology and financing proposals  as described in the business plan on our web site..

3. PUBLISHING Each partner shall assist SMARTSkyways.com, in the development of such an on-line web based video network by publishing presentations on their vision for tomorrow's transport issues. SMARTSkyways.com will provide the necessary training for publishing on-line. Then each participant shall provide an on-line evaluation of our automated  transport design, and privatization concepts and conduct on-line polling with their constituents.  This report shall consist of critiquing the funding concepts, assessing the existing demand for local and tourism transit services, evaluating revenue potentials, changes needed in statutes. Such reports shall be made available to all users on-line for further polling, and in depth planning and marketing of our technology.

4. MARKETING GOAL As this and other work becomes available Skyways, public partners and other co-venture partners shall jointly market  investment for a sales model via this dedicated electronic network to potential investors including Wall Street investment houses, real estate developers, transit industry and private investors shown in the databases.

6. TERM the parties hereto will execute such a letter as this   and this agreement  shall terminate at 12 months. To extend will require a  mutual subsequent agreement.