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Anyone can buy an Operating License from us for our fee of 3.5% of the operating revenues. We will help raise the funds, design and engineer the route, win a public vote, build and operate. The remaining 96.5% of revenue goes to the funders. This can be private groups, transit agency, states, malls, office parks, universities, airports or landowners. Here are the steps to start an Operating License.

1. $50,000 retainer for exclusive rights for us to package a specific route for  economic and technical feasibility reports of your proposal.

2. $1 million for our  Design Visualization of your proposed route, engineering of your maintenance and operations center and legal and planning to review the public approval. We are growing our initial team shown below into a development consortium


$500,000 Entertainment Engineering at 10% of $5 mil for Operations and Maintenance Center  for structural, mechanical,  automation and electrical over  months 2 thru 10

$200,000 Martin/Martin for route work including topography, geotechnical work., drainage, structural, guide paths and footings over months 1 thru 10

$100,000 Mortenson for cost estimating of guideways, footings, stations and 4D design visualization over month 8 thru 12

$100,000 Goff/ Barth  administration of budget, legal, accounting, overhead and planning and development of the route over 12 months

$100,000 Overhead, travel, legal, accounting, printing, web, telecom, illustrator and unallocated over 12 mos

3. $5 million for a maintenance and operations center using the configuration you have selected on the proposed route in step 2. This includes a license fee to operate our technology on your route.

4. $30 to $100 million for a demonstration and operating system of 2 mile to 6 miles of your  route subject to  public approval. This stage is where the  royalty kicks in.




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