Our Mission
To expose the concept of automating future transit world wide via our web site and to raise the funding necessary to build a test track and a one mile model for future sales. By building a proof of reliability model, this project seeks to develop new profit frontiers within the hundreds of billions of dollars to be spent on twenty-first century transportation in and between cities. This project will be funded by a private sector development consortia rather than government departments and agencies. Investment members will be arise from the aerospace, resort, airline, automotive, cargo, banking, telecom, lodging and travel industries. Members will  jointly explore both new forms of transport and joint electronic reservations systems.  We use Colorado as our illustrative development model but it must be understood that this technology is capable of being marketed nationally for application to local transit loops,  airport connectors and very long line haul systems. As traffic congestion grows our project becomes yet more marketable. 

Joint Venture Partner
SmartSkyways seeks a $15,000,000 joint venture partner(s) to assist us in the engineering of a test track and the delivery of a public vote in Colorado for authority to develop and operate  private franchises. These will be based on an acceptable demonstration model. We will then market our specifications as franchises to locally owned partnerships to compete for various routes in Colorado.  This approach, when proven feasible, would then be expanded to a regional-wide market.



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