Need Sponsors

Someone that has the server farm resources and computer experience to operate a reply and storage system is needed to sponsor the conversation. It will probably be a stakeholder in the larger picture. The reward for such a sponsor is the data collection

Who should Participate?

* The business people who can make money are the most obvious target such as:
          10%  of the driverless business comes from Driverless Software    

         30%  of the driverless business comes Car manufacturing   

         10%  of the driverless business comes from Systems Integration    

         10%  of the driverless business comes from Telecom over fiber    

         5%  of the driverless business comes from User travel management   

             10%  of the driverless business comes from Construction  

* Politicians should participate to create the legal framework for funding

* The financial community should participate to learn how to fund the routes:

Crypto companies
Venture capital,
equity investors             
Wall Street
pension funds

* University professors and students should see a bright future in engineering, planning, architecture, business, software, tele-communications, media

* Professional Services should participate such as:
            lawyers for Public Private partnerships, easement and funding
            consultants for surveying, wetlands, soils, traffic

Weekly Topics -22 Topics for a Feasibility Conversation

1. Is This Important?

2. Does the economy need a Rescue

3. Will it power the economy

4.  What will it do for Climate warming

5.  Will we need it for Growth

6. How much gas will it save

7. Will merging with Ground based Driverless Cars work

8. Will cargo, fiber and energy double revenues

9. Can it attract enough ridership- who will use it

10. What kind of Security will it need

11. How can it be protected from the virus

12. Can the funding be raised

13. Should Cryptos be used

14. What routes are needed most

15. Should States be the owner

16. How many jobs would be created nationally

17. How big will a Ripple effect become

18. Does Congress have the will

19. What are the downsides

20. Should each State vote on it

21. Technology Configurations

22. How can users protect from viruses

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