The National Transportation Marketplace
Growth is a fact of life. America is adding a city the size of San Francisco every 3 days. Forecast warn of 3 billion more people within 25 to 35 years. Even our national Transport marketplace is generally much larger than most people realize. In fact it accounts for 11% of our gross national product. This industry includes manufacturers such as auto, airplane, rail, bus and boat; operators such as airline, rail, taxi, bus and boat; cargo and freight haulers. There is so much traffic on our public roads that it is becoming unaffordable to expand them; yet congestion is growing so fast we must do something to accommodate our fast  growing population. Here are some highlights:

Size and Scope $870 Billion in 1996 perhaps $1 trillion in 2000
Transportation Demand is growing at twice the rate of population growth
Daily Travel - accounts for 2nd largest expense averaging  over  $7,000p/y per household 
Freight is growing at twice the rate of passenger travel movements
Costs of Car Ownership is up to .71 cents per mile according to
What Washington is Doing :Federal Transportation Budget
Urban Demographics Demographics, land use and urban policy
Interstate Highway Statistics show amount of congestion
Technology Innovations

Applications for Urban Partnership Agreements as Part of Congestion Initiative 

Colorado Marketplace Activity
The Colorado marketplace is growing faster than its roadway infrastructure can support. For example I-70 already exceeds it's designed carrying capacity with over 18 million people per year going from Denver to the Mountain resorts. Yet the Denver Post reports (2-14-99) the Colorado population is expected to increase over 40% or 1.5 million people in the next twenty years. In 1998 the State concluded a $1.8 million (MIS) Major Investment study for the I-70 corridor through (CDOT) Colorado Dept. of Transportation. The 100 member study committee recommended transit or rail as the preferred infrastructure for expanding I-70. The legislature then authorized but did not fund a new I-70 Guideway Authority (CIFGA) to create a plan of Action. Colorado has 6 agencies now that regulate transportation: RTD, CDOT, CIFGA, DIA, the legislature's transport committee and DRCOG. Each of them has produced a differing versions of what is needed. Colorado has a new Governor who succeeded in public approval for widening I-25 from Downtown Denver to the southern edge of Town for $1.3 Billion. RTD wants to built a similar cost of Light Rail in this same 17 mile corridor. They have found matching funds from the community and applied for federal funds. They have other routes being planned for the north, the west and then where ever possible through out the metro area.

THE LOCAL  MARKETPLACE FOR SALES -Transit is a community decision that is very competitive among the various vendors and political factions involved.  We especially want to establish a marketing presence in Keystone, Denver Tech Center and the Platte Valley. Promotion is usually difficult and very competitive because several international companies will offer the usual government package. We can get attention by offering to fund, build, operate, and sell later, and then our projects will go to the head of the line in most towns. The alternative of Government financing, is so long and dicey, that any private funding can buy it’s way into a deal. We believe the  projects (See Routes) are the best targets because these smaller opportunities are much more numerous, easier to build, and less expensive. As an example: a 3 mile local circulator costs only $ 30 million per year and can be financed by a "Tax District" and the ownership and costs shared by the surrounding landowners.  See Local Transportation News

Other Active Markets
Seattle - Another 1.5 million people, 800,000 jobs, 60% increase in travel. $100 billion of investments identified as needed. Selling a transit technology in Seattle see:

The International Marketplace
Cites everywhere are struggling to contain their growth and yet remain competitive. This hyperlink illustrates that point in Britain and India.




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